Why I don’t give online or over-the-phone quotes

Many web companies have a form on their site where you can “Request a quote.” This usually asks some basic questions, such as the name of your business, what you want the website to do, number of pages, etc. Maybe some developers get some useful information from this, but I doubt it. Here’s why: No professional developer can give you an accurate quote without having at least a 30-minute discussion with you.

Companies that give out quotes like this do one of two things: the quote becomes worthless once they actually talk to you about your project, or — even worse — they stick to the quote, regardless of your needs. This means they are using a cookie-cutter template system, slapping your content into it, and sending you a bill. They didn’t take the time to find out what your business really needs from a website because they don’t care — you get the same product everybody else gets.

Every client is different and has different needs from a website. For example, some people are just starting their business; they have different needs than a company that wants to target their existing customer base. Only a thorough discussion can reveal a client’s true needs — which are often not the same as what the client wants. By talking with you, I learn about your business, your goals, and where you want to be in the future. This helps me design the best online strategy for you. I’ve had clients approach me for a website; it would have been easy money for me, but I turned them down because a website wasn’t going to help them reach their specific goals. Instead, I advised them on better ways to use their money to help their business.

A well-designed digital strategy is unique for your business; it is not a commodity product. One size doesn’t fit everybody.


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