Website care plans, and why you need one

Your website is an essential part of your business. It generates leads, customers, and money (if it’s not doing those things, call me). It’s also the primary way people will find your business. If your website goes down or isn’t working properly, you’re losing money.

I’ve gone to websites to buy something, only to find that when I get to the checkout page, it doesn’t work. Do I go to the trouble of contacting them? No–I buy the product from someone else. Imagine using Amazon if half of your purchases didn’t go through. Would you keep using it, or would you shop somewhere else?

The internet is a dangerous place.

All computer software–including the software that makes up websites–is vulnerable to hacking and other problems. In addition to hacking, there are a lot of little things that can go wrong and cause your website to malfunction. Your website is made up of many separate pieces of software, which are being constantly updated. Sometimes these updates — which are intended to fix a problem — themselves cause problems.

Why you should let me do it.

Keeping your website secure, backed up, and running smoothly takes time and specialized knowledge. As a business owner you probably don’t have the time, and I’m pretty sure you don’t have the special knowledge either. That’s okay; your job is running your business. My job is keeping track of the approximately one gazillion* technical details that can affect the smooth operation of your website.

*Slight exaggeration. Maybe.

Think of it like your car. If you don’t maintain it, the little problems will become big ones, which means big repair bills. But a regular maintenance plan can catch the little problems when they’re still easy and cheap to fix. One of my Website Care Plans is the best, most cost-effective way to keep your website performing well for your business.

What do these plans include?

All of my plans include the basic things needed to keep your site running smoothly — things like software updates, backups, and security monitoring. The Preferred and Premium plans also offer additional benefits. See the chart below for more information on features.

What’s my commitment?

All of these care plans are billed on a monthly basis — there is no long-term contract, and you can cancel whenever you wish. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Choose your plan

  • Support Tickets

    If you have a question or need to contact me for any reason, submit a support ticket. I respond to all tickets within 24 hours.
  • Core file updates

    A website is made up of many separate files. Outdated core files leave your site vulnerable to hackers and other threats. I automatically update the core files for you to keep your site safe and running smoothly.
  • Theme updates

    Like core files, theme files are updated periodically. I take care of this for you and make sure everything works correctly. This guarantees your website will use the latest technology.
  • Plug-in updates

    Plugins are small pieces of software that give extra functionality to your website. Updating these is essential but can cause problems, so I test all upgrades before pushing them to your site.
  • Database management

    Your website runs on a MySQL database; I'll create and manage this geek stuff for you. I will also periodically optimize the database for peak performance.
  • Site backups

    Your entire website, including the database, will be backed up weekly (Essential and Preferred plans) or daily (Premium plan). If an internet disaster happens somewhere, I can get your site back up and running very quickly. This means peace of mind for you.
  • Backup storage

    Backup files tend to be huge; I'll store these securely so you don't have to worry about them.
  • Contact form

    All packages include an easy-to-use contact form on your site, if it doesn't already have one. This makes it easy for people to ask you questions about your products or services, and is much more secure (and spam-proof) than an old-style email link.
  • Mailing list opt-in form

    Build your list quickly with an opt-in form. This gives people something (a free report, discount code, etc.) in exchange for their email address. It also works as a customer loyalty program. I'll help you set up your list and connect it to an opt-in form.
  • Edits done for you

    It's easy to make edits to your site yourself, but if you'd rather have me do it, no problem!
  • Website to Facebook

    For Preferred and Premium subscribers, everything you post to your website blog will be automatically posted to your Facebook page. This is a great way to drive people to your site and boost your search rankings.
  • Site security

    It's important to keep your site safe from hackers and viruses. All packages include essential site security and monitoring tools, including automated security scans. While it's impossible to guarantee total security, this helps spot problems before they become serious. If you need the highest level of security available, please contact me for more options.
  • Social media links

    If you have social media accounts (and you really should have a business Facebook page for marketing purposes), I'll link your website to them so visitors to your site can share your content with others. This is a great way to reach potential customers, and it also helps boost your search rankings.
  • Google Analytics

    All plans include Google Analytics integration, right in the dashboard of your site. This lets you keep track of site visitors and other important metrics of how your site is performing.
  • Monthly maintenance report

    All plans receive a free monthly report, detailing all changes, updates, backup status, and results from performance and security scans.
  • Office hours support

    Preferred and Premium subscribers can call me directly during business hours with support requests and questions.
  • Free Facebook header and cover images

    For Preferred and Premium subscribers, I'll create images for your Facebook page to coordinate their look with your website. This is great for creating a consistent, professional look for your business.
  • Content advising

    Having trouble writing the content for your site? Preferred and Premium plans include expert advice on content creation. For Premium plans, I'll even edit your content for maximum marketing effectiveness.
  • Priority support

    Premium subscribers get top priority for all support issues and edits. All issues will be addressed within 24 hours, usually less.
  • Google Local listing

    For many businesses, showing up in Google Local search results is a HUGE advantage over your competitors. This shows pictures of your business, a map, and customer reviews. I'll set this up for Preferred and Premium sunscribers at no additional cost.
  • Done-for-you
    Email campaigns

    For Premium subscribers, I will create and send a monthly email to everyone on your list. This can be a news update, promotion, or special offer. This is a great way to reach current and potential customers and increase your sales. And it's all done for you!
  • Cancel anytime

    No long-term contract; all care plans are billed monthly. You are free to cancel at anytime. Of course, you can also change from one package to another at anytime, too.


$49/ month
  • Weekly

  • 1 hour/month


$99/ month
  • Weekly

  • 5 hours/month


$149/ month
  • Daily

  • 10 hours/month


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